Site History


Sin City started out with the name of The Same Dark Room.  It had a green and white scheme and was supposed to be based off the design of The Happy Noise.   Late one night while thinking about my website I thought "Hey red and black look really cool together, and are kind of evil looking."  I had found my colors, but now I needed a name.  So I thought hard and came up with Sin City, it went along with the color scheme, was a place, and an Everclear song (who cares if it is just a cover, it is a damn good cover.)  At this time I had a very bad HTML editor, Front Page Express 2.0, and so didn't get very into it.  I later downloaded Dreamweaver 3 and started seriously working on the site.  This time I came up with the original layout.  It was loosely based off the early Happy Noise, for those of you who saw it before  I had a hard time working with Dreamweaver 3 and uploading onto GeoCities, so I gave up.  I then got Front Page 2000 from a friend, the best HTML editor around in my opinion, and I started working on the site hardcore.  This is history of my site up to now.