Everclear Do's and Don'ts


       Go to all the Everclear shows you can, and have a good time.

           Buy all the Everclear CDs. (They are all great!)

           Visit as many Everclear sites as possible and stay informed.

           Join Downtime and all the other great Everclear Mailing lists.

           Get your friends to like Everclear.  I mean it can't hurt them.

           Send feed back to Everclear Webmasters all over the net so they can make their sites better for everyone.

           Download B-Sides, Live, and Covers from White Lightning, Evernoise, and all the others

           If you want to swap material with other Everclear fans go ahead no one will get mad.




      Don't make illegal copies of any Everclear material.  Art has spoken out against this and nobody likes a thief. 

           Don't buy bootlegs from Ebay and other auction sites, Unless it is Anita Mohr's site.

           Don't become so obsessed with Everclear as to become a stalker.  Obsession is good to a point, but don't step over that line.