Everclear Links

Yes that is right, these are the links to the vast amounts of Everclear, and Everclear related sites on the net.  I highly recommend the Happy Noise.

Official Sites

EverclearDirect - Clothes and other merchandise.

Everclear Online


Fan Sites
The Art Alexakis Fan Club


California Kings

Downtime: Everclear News

Dull, Damaged and Blind

Everclear Concert Archive

Everclear Exotica

Everclear Radio

The Everclear Tribune



The Greg Eklund Fan Club

The Happy Noise


Hungry & Hollow

Loser Makes Good

Nehalem - the last work of the late and great Brent Fusco

Pale Green Stars

Pale Green Strawberries

Steve's Genius Hands

The Top 20 Everclear Websites

The Twistinside: A Musical Tribute

White Lightning

The Pretty Machine

Sin City

Colorfinger Sites


Deep in the Heart

Bootleg Resources

Anita Mohr's Everclear Stuff

Everclear CD Swap

Other Resources

Everclear news gallery at MTV

Everclear tour dates at Pollstar

UBL Artist: Everclear

Allexperts: Everclear

Internet Movie Database: Art Alexakis

The making of the Fire Maple Song video

Greg's cymbal setup at Zildjian

Snarf's Everclear Word Search