This is the first Fan Site

For the awesome band Sunspot



l recently became a Sunspot fan when my friend heard them on Tuesday Night Fights.  He came to school telling me about this great new band.  We quickly found the website and went to a show at Cafe Assisi, this by far was the coolest concert I had ever been to.  If you are unfamiliar with Cafe Assisi it is a small coffee shop above Knuckleheads on State St.  Just think of a place the size of you living room with about 40 people in it and a kick ass band wailing away in the corner.  I had the best time and we got to meet the band and got their CD, which completely rocks, they have now become my second favorite band, second only to Everclear.  My friends hope to go to another show as soon as possible, seeing as how we are 14 we can only go to the all ages shows.  That is how I found out about Sunspot, I hope all of you have found Sunspot as enjoyable as I have.










  This Marquee will tell the news, like dates, releases and other cool stuff