The Site About Everything I Hate and Quite Possibly Deserves a Beating



This is the site about everything I hate and quite possibly deserves a beating.  If I hate it, it will probably be on here eventually.  I'm an outcast hateful child as you can tell, and have a bit of the smarts, too.  I hope to give at least one of these things a beating soon. (Most likely it will be Jonathan Weiss.)

1. Popular People:  It isn't that I personally hate everyone that is popular I just find the group or entity of popular people annoying and dumb.  Not just normally dumb but collectively dumb.  This means that they could be smart if they were individuals, which they will never be.  It seems that as soon as you get them into a group the dumbening begins, and doesn't stop until they are dumb as posts.  I also find them very two-faced.  When you see them in school they completely ignore you and then when you see them outside of school they are all nice and say hi and stuff it is really very annoying.

2. Pop music: Why?  Why is that we want record companies deciding what we listen to?  What is the purpose of these people?  Why are they so popular?  It also seems that what used to be our only respite from this bullshit, MTV, has turned against us.  Have you watched an episode of TRL lately?  Dear God!!!  MTV has become a corporate tool to brainwash the youth of America into liking pop music, so as to further control our minds in an elaborate plot to destroy the meal of dinner.

3. Rap music: This is basically the same rant as the pop music one except without the record companies part.  It is a bunch of black people with no money (sorry for sounding racist, i'm really not) making a half-assed attempt at music.  All it is a bunch or references to money and "Ho's", personally I love my girlfriend a lot and find this very degrading.  I don't know if it's that I can't relate to it, my dislike to everything popular, or the lack of real music in it, or a combination of all 3, this also applies for pop music.

4. Jonathan Weiss: This kid sucks!  He is small, spindly, pale, and has a high voice, extremely feminine in other words.  Along with all these traits he is very annoying.  Luckily he is going to Edgewood for Freshman year so hopefully I won't see him again for the rest of my life.  Hey, maybe Edgewood will turn him into a pothead like everyone else that goes there, but that is very unlikely in his case.  We have done some pretty bad stuff to this kid.  We dug a 5 foot hole and started a fire in it, then shoved him in.  He ran home crying needless to say.  We have done many other things that I am too lazy to remember right now.

5. Jon Lamb: This kid is a full out ass!!!  I can't believe I spend so much time with him.  He is over-sized, loud, interrupting, and spits when he talks.  He also has very dumb ideas that make little to know sense, and he likes to share these ideas with anyone in earshot.  He also listens to oldies, not good oldies like "Purple Haze" but "Sunshine Lollipop" oldies.

That is it for now, I'll add more later if I feel like it.  I was in a smart/hateful mood and I was bored, so it could be awhile before that happens again.